The Lighthouse

God has many ways of communicating with me. Sometimes He sends me dreams, and other times He impresses messages upon my mind. He often speaks to me through His word, and once in awhile, He uses my children!This particular day, I had been given a task to do. I had gone...

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The Muddy Road

My dog and I were about halfway through our run one morning when I discovered an abandoned dirt road through the woods. My better sense told me not to take it, for the rain that had been falling for days would surely have turned it into a trail of sticky, slushy mud....

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Making a Choice

It started out as a road that was straight and narrow but then James saw the bend up ahead. He wanted to stay on the straight path but discovered the moment he told the fib that the road had suddenly changed. He kept the fib to himself and assumed no one knew except...

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I read recently about certain ants that have a passion for the sweet glandular substance given off by the caterpillar of a large blue butterfly. According to the article, the ants can become so enthralled by the substance they carry the supplier into their nest with...

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Those Little Pet Vices

Grant Williams chose an unusual pet. The 19-year-old from the Bronx bought a python five months ago for $300. It turned out to be a bad decision.Earlier this month, Williams was found dead of asphyxiation in the hallway outside his apartment. A neighbour found him...

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