Do What You Can

I was in a rush to get my power bill payment in the mail today. I pulled my car into the post office parking lot, hopped out, and started quickly walking towards the entrance. Then I saw something green on the sidewalk. I looked down and saw a hummingbird laying on...

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The Galloping Horse

How Can We Truly Make a Difference in This World?Jesus' message to all of us, young and old, is quite clear: "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John 13:34, NIV2) This crucial message resounds in every book and letter of the New...

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The Greatest Adventure of All

When I was a little boy I used to love those nights when my Mom would read me a story before bed. I would be warm under my blankets while my Mom’s soothing voice would take me on an adventure to another world. As I got older I soon started taking those magical...

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Guaranteed Delivery

I got up early this morning, hopped in my car, and headed to the local post office. I drove along with eager anticipation that something I had been waiting for would be there. It had been ten days since I sent for it and I was sure that it would finally be waiting in...

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Hello From Heaven

I saw my first butterfly of the Spring today. I was carrying some groceries into my house when suddenly the little lady flew right down in front of my face. She stayed there for a long time gently floating on the invisible breeze. She was so beautiful that my eyes...

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The Human Spirit

While the mountains of my home escaped the greatest destruction from Hurricane Sandy they still received a devastating two day blizzard brought on by the storm. Over three feet of wet, heavy snow crushed our communities. The roofs of businesses collapsed. Thousands of...

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It’s Good for You

Growing up as a boy I was very fortunate to live in a house where a dinner of leftovers tasted even better than the original meal. A good example of this was when my Mom and Nana would make a huge pot of brown beans with cornbread. It would taste so great but we knew...

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