The Shy One

The Miracle of Change

Last Sunday I saw a miracle in church. Not a mountain-moving, Red-Sea-parting, giant-Philistine-smiting kind of a miracle. Nothing that dramatic or intense. It was just the common, ordinary, everyday miracle of change.And it was remarkable.Of course, I didn't actually...

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Gifted Heroes

A couple of days ago I happened upon a terrible traffic accident on a four-lane highway near my home. Other motorists attended to the injured people lying a few feet from their cars. The accident was in the median of the highway, and traffic was whizzing by on both...

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Having the Courage to Tell Someone

It was midday when I got the call that my grandfather was not well and his condition was rapidly getting worse. My family did not know how long he had left. People had been visiting him throughout the day and basically saying goodbye.I knew I had to get to the...

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Daniel was a righteous man.He found favor in God's eyes.But, he was thrown into the lions den,By King Darius and his spies.King Darius and his mighty men;A new law, had they decreed ...A plan to worship only him.But, Daniel disagreed.Now, Daniel got down on his...

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The “Can-Do” Girl

As I stood in the driveway watching my daughter Lori with her long red hair flying behind her -- and Maggie, part quarter horse, part Appaloosa, with ears that looked all mule, I smiled.They were running down the dirt country road near our home as they did everyday...

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