Chemo Hair

“What are you doing?” The last thing I expected (or wanted) to see was my little sister, lying sideways across the guest bed in our house, calmly running her fingers through her “chemo hair” and dropping the hands full of beautiful silky blonde hair into the...

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Angel’s Legacy

He was a beautiful bundle of chubby arms and blue eyes and I only got to hold him once in his life. My sister was young and unmarried and her baby’s father had vanished, so she made the hardest, bravest decision a woman can ever make. And God must have guided her all...

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Angels and Hamburger

She has taught me a lot, my little sister. The other day Mom and I were running an errand and drove past the homeless shelter in a nearby city."Oh, they need potatoes", I pointed to the sign just outside the shelter. "We should get some and bring them by."Mom laughed...

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A Song for Noah

I don't know what else to call it, except a miracle.Our son Noah, was born profoundly deaf. From his birth, our family worked very hard at learning sign language and became fairly fluent within a year, completely accepting the fact that Noah would never hear. Although...

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Christmas Smiles

For some reason, this time of year seems to bring out the grumpy in people. The day after Thanksgiving, I was up at 4, shopping with all the other crazy people, and still, I held on to my holiday cheer and my smile. I felt sorry for the people with scowls on their...

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P.S. Pray

Dear Son, We all miss you. My heart aches with the knowledge that your choices have led you down this awful road that ended in a detention facility. I would do anything to fix your life for you, but I know that only you and the Lord can do that. I pray that your time...

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Susan Farr Fahncke