What Do Angels Look Like?

You Will Be Fine

Back in 1994 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated. I didn't know how I got it, as it isn't something my family genes have. I was a bodybuilder. I had muscles upon muscles. Needless to say, I went to the hospital and met with a surgeon on 2/21/94, and...

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From Out of the Fog

A few years ago I was going through a series of family crisis. Just when I thought I might make it through a nightmare I would be bombarded with something new to deal with as well. To make matters worse, Wendy, my dearest friend and confidant, now lived in another...

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Visiting Messengers

It was a cold,drizzly evening as I reluctantly, left my husband at the hospital following his crucial and lengthy cardiac surgery.The rain clouded my vision as I made a wrong right turn, anxious to get home.The more I drove into the dark night, pitch blackness...

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All the Angels Bow

Mention His precious name, and all the angels fold their wings and bow;  With reverence due only to Him, they show how much they truly care. Saying, "Praise to our Lord God, let His mercy, love and grace ring"; Lifting high their mighty voices, His praises they do...

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A Friend of Your Neighbour’s

Kaye visited her mom and took her for an early supper. “Mom said she wouldn't need her cane as she would not be doing much walking,” Kaye says, “so we left it home.” (She won't make that mistake again!) When they got back to the house, Kaye went around to the...

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Stuck in the Desert

When I was 25, I was on a road trip with an old missionary friend and Baptist minister we called Papa Don Mitchetll. We were on our way back from Tulsa for his son's wedding, and he was taking me home again to Reno. His wife did not want him to travel alone as he had...

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Strangers and Angels

You know the Bible verse that talks about being hospitable to strangers, "for in doing so some have entertained angels"?Well, each week as I go to and from my writing group I pass a young Eastern European man selling a "The Big Issue" (a magazine sold by homeless...

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