Silent Prayer

Here I Am, Mama

When I was just a small child, I remember when Mama would holler out for me, "Child, where are you?" She would look everywhere in the neighborhood.When I heard the desperations in her voice calling out my name, I would stand up and say, "Here I am, Mama."She would...

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The Gate to the Garden

Recalling my childhood days of going to church with my family, I heard people talk about a special garden and how beautiful it will be. What a great reunion it’s going to be with our families, again. That was many years ago.Today, I still hear people talking about...

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The Park Bench

Usually, I go straight home after work. But this evening, I find myself sitting here, on a park bench.My wife told me that I bring my work home with me and take my frustrations out on her and the kids, that I need to mellow out before coming in the door. That’s why...

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The Main Highway

As you get into town, all the lights are red. You have 10 lights to go through before reaching the other side of town. However, you remembered a short cut that saved you about 15 minutes.At the stop light, you notice a woman in the car, to your right, putting on...

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The Image of Me

Tonight was Wednesday night, the night of the week that my wife has her Avon party with the women from the neighborhood.Stopping here, at the pub, every Wednesday, I eat and have a few beers while waiting for the women to go home. The pub is only about six blocks from...

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A Silent Prayer

While standing in the middle of the street, I waved goodbye to the kids as they left to go back to their homes. Still waving until they were out of sight, I then turned back toward the house (with a hanky in my hand), wiping the tears away as I walked.I stopped on the...

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Robert H. Gilbert Jr.