The Storm-Tossed Soul

The Trial

The scales are unbalanced from the onset. One look at the jurors' faces convinces her of that. The courtroom is crowded with angry, vengeful, spectators. In her anxiety, it takes a while to recognize that everyone, excluding herself, is male.Caught engaging in the...

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Unclaimed Blessings

Only after sorrow can joy be obtained.After many defeats the victory is gained.Once the heart's been broken time and again,The healing process can finally begin.When fear takes possession of the mind,Seek out the Lord and security you'll find.When indecision and doubt...

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There’s No Room for Grace

Judging, criticizing, and the tendency to condemn,Happily pointing out the differences between you and them,Not thinking twice about putting you in your place,The problem here is, there's no room for grace.Prejudices of all kinds are the simple rule of thumb,Leaving...

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Kathi Toups