Unclaimed Blessings

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Blessing, Poem

Only after sorrow can joy be obtained.
After many defeats the victory is gained.
Once the heart’s been broken time and again,
The healing process can finally begin.

When fear takes possession of the mind,
Seek out the Lord and security you’ll find.
When indecision and doubt is what you feel,
The time has come for you to kneel.

Before the Lord, who’s in control,
Ask for His blessings one hundredfold.
He gives to all above all they desire,
And sends to us His special gift of fire.

In the inner realm of heaven above,
We are all discussed with perfect love.
He longs to give what we yearn for ourselves.
Yet, blessings lay unclaimed on hundreds of shelves.

Stand fast, stand firm, and be not swayed.
The price of His sovereignty has already been paid.
You may stumble, but He’ll not let you fall.
He wants you in heaven that’s been prepared for us all.

© by Kathi Toups


Unclaimed Blessings