The Ears of Your Heart

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Caring, Giving, God's Hands, Helping, Poem

The man, whose coat is torn and tattered,
Hangs his head over what he’s become.
He’s lost everything that ever mattered,
Can’t even remember where he’s from.

The widow, or abandoned wife,
Has bills she just can’t pay.
Her children deserve a better life
Than the one they live today.

A child, whose home should be secure,
Lives in fear, both day and night,
Of the fooling around Daddy says is pure
And the way he and Mommy fight.

This world is filled with the sick and neglected;
Older versions of you and me.
They are the ones who feel most rejected,
When friendly faces they don’t ever see.

Let’s make an effort to help one of these.
We each have something to give.
Open the ears of your heart to the pleas
Of the ones searching for a reason to live.

© 2001 by Kathi Toups [email protected] 


The Ears of Your Heart