The Storm-Tossed Soul

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Peace, Poem, Surrender, Trials

Are you tossed about on the sea of life?
Has the beacon of light disappeared in the fog?
Do you feel like the captain sinking along with his ship,
Into the depths of some fathomless bog?

Candles, that burned bright inside your heart,
Are slowly dying extinguishing all hope,
The light in your eyes has dulled with sadness,
Leaving you alone in the darkness to grope.

Storms come in assaulting the senses,
Leaving only wreckage in its wake.
The raging vortex wants to suck you in,
Stealing whatever it may want to take.

Look to heaven and you will find your safe haven.
It is there, in the triune Godhead.
Jesus does not want you to remain adrift.
He longs to come and save you instead.

He commanded the elements, “Peace be still”,
And will do the same for the storm tossed soul.
He wants to be your lighthouse of hope,
Restoring your shipwrecked life, filling in each and every hole.

© 2001 by Kathi Toups


The Storm-Tossed Soul