Dealing With the Dannes

Even in Sickness

Tarin, who had already planted a church among the Kimyal people of the eastern highlands, now felt God's call to venture into a new area, far to the south of Sumo in the lowlands, where the Dekai people lived. After taking a furlough among his own people in the Toll...

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I can See!

On Sunday, thousands witnessed the baptisms and heard testimonies. John also assisted with a baptism in the village of Bogotnuk about an hour's walk from Kanggime. A man who was fairly old by Dani standards and who had been blind for many years was led into the pool...

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The Poisonous Barb

One day Bitbet visited a man he had befriended in another village. As Bitbet entered the house, he saw the man's wife obviously ill and lying on the floor. "What's wrong with your wife?" Bitbet asked."She has been sick for a long time. A barb from the tin of a...

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The Wonderful Ways of God

John was concerned about their need but felt that doling out food might be only a stopgap. The Danis had to learn to solve problems, to be resourceful, and to look to the Lord. A student testified in class: "One night I was very hungry for sweet potatoes and greens....

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A Definite Sign

When summer came there was no time for leisure. John returned to work in the sawmill.One day he was assigned to put dressing on the long conveyor belt to keep it from slipping around the pulley. He had never before done this operation. In his inexperience, he applied...

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John had been gone a week when Helen was awakened at midnight by Eva's cries. I'll warm a bottle for her, Helen decided. As she stepped into the hall, she was startled to see flames consuming the whole kitchen wall. There had been nothing to make her suspect fire-no...

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Planting Weeds

Another morning, after the mists and rain had cleared from the hills, John rang the "bell" for class. (He would bang a stone on the empty oxygen cylinder he had found in a dump at the coast, and the clang would reverberate down the valley. Since none of the men had...

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John Dekker