Father’s Day Gift

Bitter and angry was Jim as he shared his early childhood years to the chaplain. He relayed the story of a teacher asking his Grade 3 class to colour a piece of paper that was cut out in the form of a necktie. This would be a gift for their fathers on Father's Day....

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Just a Little Higher

Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard had the hardest decision of their life to make as they entered the final leg of their journey with Orbiter 3. Bertrand was on the phone with his wife, his "weather eye," pondering if they should attempt crossing the Atlantic Ocean....

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Physicians Say, Give Faith a Chance

After suffering from depression most of her life, Christine, an atheist, found herself, asking for a sign from God. "I need to know I'm not alone," she whispered in her despair. "Is there anybody there?" In her second floor office, she saw a monarch butterfly on the...

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Where Has all the Water Come From?

As a young family, we often visited Niagara Falls, since it is close by. On a particular visit, my young daughter posed a question that intrigued me. "Daddy, where did all this water come from?" Of course, the initial question was less difficult, as I shared with her...

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The God I Never Knew

From his book, "The Jesus I Never Knew," Philip Yancey writes: "George Buttrick, former chaplain at Harvard, recalls that students would come into his office, plop down on a chair and declare, 'I don't believe in God.' Buttrick would give this disarming reply: 'Sit...

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George Prins