You Are More Than That

I felt I was in a Three Stooges movie!These days I'm looking more like Larry and acting more like Curly.They had predicted heavy rain and strong winds for our area today. I decided to go to the grocery store early in an effort to avoid the brunt of the storm.Of...

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What Price Will You Place on Hope?

What price would you place on hope?" By Bob Perks It was preview day at the fair. In the many years that I have been going to the Bloomsburg Fair, I have never attended it on preview day.It's the Friday before the official opening most of the vendors are open, there...

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The Least You Can Do

It sounds terrible.It seems inadequate, maybe inappropriate . . . to do the very least."I heard about their divorce. I felt bad, but I didn't know what to say. So, I haven't called.""He's dying from cancer. I was his best man at their wedding. I just can't see him...

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How Big Is Your Boat?

I've never owned a boat, but always wanted to.When I could afford one my car was too small to pull it and I couldn't afford to buy a new car.When I couldn't afford one, I was driving a big gas guzzler that could pull the Titanic. I couldn't afford the gas it would...

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Places, Everyone!

I saw him struggling with his groceries as I walked through the store.I passed him a few times and watched him checking his list he had scribbled out on a note card.He was an older gentleman. I think in his late 70's or early 80's. He was nicely dressed which gave me...

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Stepping Into Tomorrow

It had already arrived slipping into my life while I slept. So, there was no real surprise that I had made it through the night once again.I clearly remember thanking God for yesterday and specifically naming those of you I know and those who I call "Friends I've...

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Call in the Gardener

Last year was the best year I ever had with my garden.Things grew that I forgot I had planted. It was one surprise after another.Even the grape vine was full of leaves and the vine wrapped itself around the pergola making for a very romantic setting.Bulbs blossomed....

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Bob Perks