But You Didn’t Ask

"But you didn't ask," the man said to me.I was on the phone at the time so I didn't think he was talking to me.I continued.He then tapped me on the shoulder repeating himself."But you didn't ask."I looked at him and whispered, "I'll be with you in a moment," and...

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Behind the Seen

Right now, without you realizing it, a plan is unfolding."But I already have a plan, Bob!"That's great. Congratulations. I am a strong believer in setting goals, dreaming big and making plans."I'm sorry to say I don't have a plan, Bob. I'm tired. I'm beat up. I've...

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He Is a Liar

Stop it!He's a liar!If you are saying to yourself..."This is it,""No more,""I'm finished,""I just can't make it!"Stop it!He's a liar!If things didn't turn out the way you thought they would and you think this is the end of the story.. Stop it!He's a liar!You are...

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Here is God’s Finest Work

The two of them would go for walks whenever they had the chance. The old man and the young lady weren't related but were connected in a deeper way.It was late in Autumn and the cold winds were blowing sending a chill through the both of them.“I think our walking days...

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I was never good at directions.I'm not a typical man, I actually stop and ask for directions when I'm lost. The problem is I never remember what I'm told.Mostly it's because I only listen the first time.Did you ever notice that when you ask someone for directions they...

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Love Actually “Is” About “Time”

Love Actually“ is ”About Time“I must start by apologizing. I have often times declared with pride that I am an old romantic.I still think I am. It is a fact that I'm old and still romantic.But I feel I have lied to you and even to myself.I hope you can see the irony...

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One Who Plants a Garden

I thought for a moment "What purpose is there in planting anything new this year in my garden?"This is, as you may know, my last year here.To add to it might bring me pleasure if I am here to see it come to fullness.But there is a chance I might never see it grow.In...

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Bob Perks