Are You at Peace?

"Are you at peace?" He asked his friend. Then pausing for a moment as he thought about his response, the man simply said, "No!"He was startled. He always thought his friend to be happy."In all my wildest dreams I would never think of you to be so unsettled. There is...

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Maybe God Sent You!

"I'm sorry, I'm not in right now," she said, then turned and smiled.She sounded like an answering machine. I looked confused. I had no idea why she said that to me.But then, as the conversation went on, I could tell she really wasn't listening.I stopped talking for a...

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One More Walk Around the Garden

"Our time together is now measured in seasons," he said as they sat on their front porch.Walking is the best exercise for you. Not only in the physical sense. But also for your mental and spiritual well being. This walk is one I will never forget.Up the hill behind my...

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Is Love Ever Wasted?

"I am just wasting my love on him!" She said in frustration."I don't believe that's possible," I replied."Well, it's never returned to me. I mean I have tried and tried to get him to love me, but I have failed," she said."Just because you love someone doesn't mean...

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Stop Worrying

"I worry about them. I can't help it. I always will," she said."I hope so," he replied. "You should.""But you always tell me I worry too much.""You do. But usually about things you have no control over, no influence on at all, big or little.""Like what?""How about...

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Step up, Step Out!

HTML clipboard "Sometimes we need to step up to the challenge and step out in faith!" He said.I had no idea what he was doing. I happened to walk in and found him standing there like that, just about a foot off the ground. I believe he was a little embarrassed at...

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Sarah, Sing Sweetly

It came naturally to her. She started singing at a very young age. She would hear the sounds of the birds on early Spring mornings and make up a song only she understood.Her Grandma would always encourage her."Sarah, sing sweetly!" Grandma would say and young Sarah...

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Bob Perks