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Don’t Say…That!

It is very hard to know what to say to someone when they have received a cancer diagnosis. Words seem so inept at a time like this; you feel like you should DO something.I found out the hard way, by receiving a cancer diagnosis of my very own, just how much the words...

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My Own Guardian Angel

Growing up in the mid-west, I was accustomed to driving in some pretty scary weather at times. I worked second shift and lived about 20 miles away. The weather was decent when I went to work that afternoon but quickly changed to what we called "the nasties."As luck...

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My Wild Child

I think most everyone has an idea in their head about what life will be like when they have children. I was told at the age of 22 that my chances of getting pregnant were very slim. I practiced my "maternal instincts" on nieces, nephews, and children of friends.At the...

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My Best Friend

The word "cancer" seems to leave most people at a loss for words. I found this out first hand 16 months ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and left the doctor's office in a daze. Upon arriving home I gave my husband the "verdict." He had very little to say about...

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The Party

My family was "poor" while I was growing up. This fact in itself didn't bother me much because it was the only life I knew. It wasn't until some of the kids on the school bus began teasing us about the state of our home and the outbuildings that I became...

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The First Loose Tooth

It started out like any other day. Then, after lunch, as I was standing at the sink washing dishes, my six-year-old son came up to me, tugged my t-shirt to get my attention, and started talking. I have no idea now what he said because my attention turned to his teeth....

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A Tribute to My Dad

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 26. From the very beginning he had trouble keeping his blood sugar levels on an even keel. I can't even remember now how many times I witnessed his insulin reactions or watched the EMT's take him away by ambulance.Dad...

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Terri Davis