Colors of the Heart

The Promise

He'll be 80 on his next birthday. I look at the eyes that have seen so much sadness in his life. His mother whose life was taken with cancer. His wife of many years who lost her life to MS. His daughter who lost her battle with cancer. There are grandchildren, but...

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I Looked Into Her Eyes

She was three years old the day I met her. I looked into the saddest eyes I've ever seen on a little girl. Beautiful long blond hair cascaded down her back and feathered her cheeks. I noticed a large scar down one side of her face, but never mentioned it. I looked up...

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Sally was sitting in the waiting room waiting for word on her puppy. The stray that came into her yard and bit her dog in the privates nearly killed him. Infection had set in flowing into the little dogs blood stream. She sat anxiously awaiting the vet to enter the...

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As I walked down the hall, I couldn't help but notice the crowd of people gathered near the end of the aisle. It didn't hit me as to why so many were standing outside the room, but as I got closer, I knew.I had my hands full of stuffed animals. Someone yelled out,...

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Dear Santa

It's getting that time of year when children will be crawling up on Santa's lap, asking for their dreams of toys, dolls, games, computers, etc. Santa's all over the country will be listening. But there is one Santa who is not like most. And I'm proud to say I know him...

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Do You Suppose…

I've always heard people say that everything happens for a reason. I've had to question this statement many times in my life and yet there are other times......Today a little boy walked into my shop. Blond, blue eyes, about 8-years-old. I asked if I could help him and...

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Don’t Tickle His Nose

Sometimes we learn things and sometimes we don't. The year I was seventeen, I learned a valuable lesson I shall never forget. No, I take that back, I learned three valuable lessons one day that year. One. Never mess with a bull. Two. Never tickle its nose. And three,...

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Sharon Bryant