One of my favorite family photographs was taken last year at an amusement park while we were on our summer vacation. We are at the top of a ride called "Splash Mountain" and the picture is taken just as we are starting our harrowing decent. Disneyland cleverly...

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Back Off!

I love to walk! It is truly one of my very favorite things to do. So I usually make it a point to get out of the house daily and have a trek through my neighborhood. And the other morning as I was walking down the street, minding my own business, a large German...

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God Is in Control

In July of this summer we went on a family vacation to Maui. This was a wonderful trip with many exciting activities, but one adventure stands out in my mind more then all the others. And in the midst of this adventure the Lord used my fifteen-year old son to teach me...

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Overflow With Joy

Have you ever met someone who just overflows with the "Joy of the Lord?" I certainly have, but one experience really stands out in my mind because it happened recently.This last July my family and I were on vacation, and I was having my quiet time down by the beach,...

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Reach for the Fruit

God has good gifts to give his children! He has more of himself and his presence to shower upon us - if we will reach for him. I believe that he is waiting on us to expand our vision and truly believe; that with God all things are possible. On the inside cover of my...

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Paula Friedrichsen