Mad Cows

Flowers From a Teacher

The handwriting on the envelope attached to the flowers looked familiar in the nearly perfect script of an English teacher.Now, over the years I had sent (or taken, myself, in my childhood) many foil-scrunched bouquets of flowers to teachers. And I'd probably even...

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When Vacations Go Bad

Earlier this summer, our daughters sent us on a three-night cruise to the Bahamas for our 30th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time, but an experience the second night of our trip revealed a lot about human relationships.We were in our stateroom when we...

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While writing about the seven seven heavenly virtues, I was a little surprised the virtue of honesty is not on the "official list" passed down from the 6th century. You'll see why I wanted to deal with this, as it certainly is a worthy virtue to consider.I recently...

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My Fifteen Minutes of Ignominy

I should have known better. I had an invitation to participate in a local "celebrity" spelling bee hosted by a radio station, conducted for the sole purpose of getting people to the home show at the mall. I think it was the letter referring to me as a celebrity that...

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Right Place, Right Time

Every Christmas has a moment - or moments if you are lucky - when the spirit of the season wraps itself around your heart and you feel you have experienced just a little of what Christmas is all about.Two Minutes Later: Sometimes you have to look hard for that magic...

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Melodie Davis