A Plea

By the channels of my dreamsThe strange echoes are calling.Let the darkness withdrawThat the light may come in…I love to feed the birdsThat plays by the seaside,But this krill in my handsNow nourish no seabirds.My freedom was rudely takenLest I lose the wealth of my...

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What’s in It for Me?

At thirty years old Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) was a rising star in Europe. He had made his mark in music, in theology, and in philosophy. But then he announced to the world that he was going to Africa as a jungle doctor. The world was shocked. His colleagues at...

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The Great Separation

"He will place the sheep at his right hand and the goats at his left." (Matthew 25:333 NLT) I've been in numerous churches in my lifetime, but never one where men and women did what they once did in one near Vance, South Carolina.My maternal grandparents attended a...

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Crazy Betty

It was another busy day for Kim; she sometimes felt overwhelmed and then she would wonder why she ever HAD TAKEN this job. Cooking supper for 50 residents at the NURSING home was indeed a challenge. One of the aids stuck her head and whispered,“Crazy Betty is coming...

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