A Midnight Dance of Cat and Mouse

The Impossible Years

The young mom walked through my front door looking bedraggled, weary, and a tear drop away from falling apart. Her two young children in tow, she was dropping them off at my in -home daycare on her way to work.Immediately my motherly instinct kicked in. I put a...

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You know you're a mother when.....The infant you hold in your arms so tight~was meant to be there, it feels so right.A precious new baby for you to keep~is a newfound love that is felt so deep.  You know you're a mother when...Little girl's tears can be wiped away~by...

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

I woke up at 7A.M, the ninth day of my hospital stay, to see the night nurse writing the day's shift information on the chalk board across from my bed.Tracy would be the nurse's assistant for the day. I looked to see who would be my nurse and saw the name Lady Di....

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Spring Break

Ah! The return to peace and quiet. Such a welcomed relief. Has it really been a month since we stood anxiously waiting at the front door to welcome our youngest home from college? What greeted our arms that first day of spring break was an avalanche of dirty clothes -...

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The Good Father

There is an old saying that goes something like this: 'Anyone can be a father but it take someone special to be called daddy. When his eyes looked upon his first born child, his heart overflowed with love and pride.The moment had finally come after five long years of...

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The Power of Kind Words

A recent topic on the Oprah show had a simple concept that left me wondering why, since it is so obviously positive, more people aren't practicing the art of passing along kind words.On this particular show, Oprah was completely taken off guard when a woman from her...

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Kathy Whirity