The Miracle of Love

Rustling Raspberries

Stealing?Well, yes -- I guess we WERE stealing, if you want to get all technical about it. But in our 13-year-old brains we were just using the raspberries as God intended them to be used.The matter of ownership never occurred to us. We just knew that the Jordans had...

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The Right Thing to Do

Darius and Johntel have a lot in common.They are both talented high school seniors. They both love basketball. They are both captains of their respective high school basketball teams.But on one Saturday night in February, they were forever linked in the minds of all...

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Let the Expert Run the Show

For my friend, Claire, computers are a wonderful mystery.She loves the informational possibilities of the Internet. She loves being able to communicate with her friends all around the world via e-mail. She loves playing Solitaire.But she has no idea how it all works....

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David and Go-Lieth

It wasn't a big lie. Just a little one. A lie about - of all things - Sunday School."And what did you learn about today in Sunday School?" Mom asked.I had to think quickly. My mother would not be pleased to know that George and I had skipped Sunday School to check out...

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The Miracle of Change

Last Sunday I saw a miracle in church. Not a mountain-moving, Red-Sea-parting, giant-Philistine-smiting kind of a miracle. Nothing that dramatic or intense. It was just the common, ordinary, everyday miracle of change.And it was remarkable.Of course, I didn't actually...

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Knights in Dingy Armour

Our 12-year-old son Jonathan has always had this thing about hats. I mean, he LOVES them. He always has. From the time he was just a baby he has been fascinated by them. He loves to look at them. He loves to play with them. But more than anything else, he loves to...

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That Feels Good

Jon loved his new hat. It was light blue, which turns out to be a very trendy color in sports paraphernalia these days. And it bore the logo of his favorite professional sports franchise. Plus it fit on his head perfectly - not an easy thing, since he has his father's...

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Joseph Walker