V.W. Grant, Sr.

A number of great healing evangelists have been led by God to "fast and pray" for quite long periods in order to break through into greater realms of anointing and communion with God. W.V.Grant Sr, who was a mightily used and anointed man of God from earlier this...

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Andrew Murray

For some years, Rev. Andrew Murray, Sr., longed and prayed for revival in South Africa. Every Friday night he spent several hours in prayer. The revivals of 1858 in the United States and 1859 in Northern Ireland were reported in the Dutch Reformed journals. A little...

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Dead Man Raised to Life

Solomon Baski lay on his bed. He was dead. The whole village had gathered in his house. His wife and other women were weeping.The news reached the surrounding villages. People were streaming in from different places to pay homage to the departed soul.Solomon Baski...

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Evan Roberts

The seeds of revival are always nurtured in the hearts of the humble. And so it was with the great Welsh Revival of 1904. It was in a young coal miner named Evan Roberts that God imparted a burning vision for spiritual revival. Evan Roberts did not possess the gifts...

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Job Anbalagan