Mouth of a Soothsayer Shut by God

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Miracles, Salvation, Witnessing

The following is a true account, published as narrated by an evangelist of Friends Missionary Prayer Band, namely Samuel.

Samuel began his work for the day not knowing that God was going to do something beyond the imagination of a common person.

He was waiting in the bus stand near his house, but it was a longer wait than usual. His eyes fell on the folks who met regularly in a canteen across the street, the children with their pretty uniforms – the scene that he was very familiar with.

The bus eventually arrived and he along with 5 other passengers boarded the bus. The next stop was at a village called Sunganahalli and two or three people boarded the bus from there. One of those men was a soothsayer by profession. As soon as he got into the bus, he promptly began to predict the future of the passengers sitting in the bus. The passengers too made their way to him wanting to know what was in store for them. Each one gave quite generously to the soothsayer as he unfolded their mysteries.

Samuel was quite uninterested and totally engrossed with his plan for the day. After a few minutes, the soothsayer made his way toward Samuel and told him that he could tell him everything he wanted to know and was questioning why he was not interested to know about it. Samuel turned away without answering the soothsayer. The soothsayer was not willing to leave him alone and began telling Samuel all about his present and future.

The account was true to some extent but was filled with lies for the most part. At this stage, Samuel was only reminded about the slave girl with a spirit of divination who was following Paul and Silas. Samuel, not happy with what the soothsayer was doing to him, prayed in his heart that God would shut the mouth of the soothsayer. Immediately the soothsayer’s mouth was shut and though he tried, he could not utter a word. Panic struck the people in the bus as they regarded the soothsayer very highly.

The passengers were blaming Samuel for what had happened and began to form a mob to attack him. There was only one passenger who spoke on behalf of Samuel and he was badly outnumbered in the argument. When things were beginning to go out of control, Samuel intervened and told the mob that he was a follower of Jesus and that if they all would pray to Him, the soothsayer would be delivered.

The passengers willingly accepted and repeated the prayer after Samuel. He also told the soothsayer that only Jesus could heal him and asked him to believe in Him. Samuel requested for some water, prayed over it and gave the same to the soothsayer. He drank it, within a few seconds, to the amazement of the onlookers. God then released the soothsayer’s tongue and he become normal.

This opened the door for Samuel to share the gospel with those passengers and the soothsayer. They all listened intently land showed much interest. The soothsayer opened his heart to Christ and vowed to follow Him.

Samuel had no inkling of what God was going to use him in a special way that day. With joy and a deep sense of gratitude to our Lord, Samuel continued his missionary journey.

With permission from Job Anbalagan [email protected]


Mouth of a Soothsayer Shut by God