Cigarette Paper

Not long ago two young men on the island of Formosa became congenial companions. One was a Christian, the other was not. The former invited his pal to an evangelistic service, and after much persuasion he went along. At the close of the meeting he was introduced to...

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Sheeted With Ice

Feared to trust himself to it. He hesitated long, but night was coming on, and he must reach the other shore. At length, with many fears and infinite caution, he crept out on his hands and knees, thinking thus to distribute his weight as much as possible, and trembled...

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Waste of Time

Two men were in a car when they had to stop at a red signal light. The man at the wheel did not say anything. The other man by his side, fretting and fuming, said, "The time we waste at these red lights - why, a man could write a book!" The driver still said nothing....

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From Signs of the Times