A Thankful Thanksgiving

Angel at Midnight

One year while awaiting to move into our own home, we rented an older house in town. It had bedrooms that our children could share and a nice kitchen, dining area and large spacious living room and enclosed front porch. Our bedroom was at the front of the house and...

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Beach Walks

While taking a beach walk the other morning I tried to find some small shells to use for an arrangement I was doing. I always enjoy the fresh mornings when the sunshine is just peaking around the shoreline, with the smell of salt air and new treasures from the ocean...

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Grandma’s Thimble

I marvel at the way God knows when to send a special gift of encouragement our way at just the right time! It might be in a dream, a lost letter, a memory, something found that we’d forgotten about, or something in His Word, during a devotional that really speaks to...

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Hand-Me-Down Coat

"You're getting a new coat," Brad was excited for his older brother that fall. "Yes, and you're getting mine," his older brother stated right back.It seemed that both boys were growing so fast. Craig was two years older than Brad and already taller than my 5'6" frame...

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Onions and Roses

When visiting my grandparents at their home during the summers, I was always in awe of the beautiful flowers Grandma had planted around her yard. She had a variety of everything from hollyhocks and daisies to roses, and the most beautiful hydrangeas I have ever...

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Old Farmer Dault

My Dad grew up in a small farming community in Michigan during the 20's and 30's. My grandfather was a former school teacher and editor and owner of the town paper where they lived. Many of Dad's friends lived on farms just outside of town.Dad was active in school...

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The Quilting Party

When I was five and visiting my grandmother she took me to an all day gathering of neighbors and friends. She called It a "Quilting Bee." But I quickly realized with all the good food the ladies brought, that it was really a party, and what fun I had! A group of 12-15...

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Diane Dean White