Who is First?

Loving Kindness

The traffic was unusually heavy in Troy, AL, on this particular day, but Tara Parker Routzong and her 9-year-old son, Landon, knew it was because many Floridians had fled their homes due to the approach of Hurricane Irma. With thoughts of these evacuees in his mind,...

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Nothing but Love

He could have killed him. In fact, he almost did. It was a terrible accident.Jack Keith was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway one morning during the Memorial Day weekend last year. He was admiring the waves of the Pacific Ocean momentarily when suddenly his...

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From the Rubble

His family had been told that there was no chance of finding their missing boy alive. His body had not yet been discovered after five days of searching in the rubble of the building in which he had been working when the earthquake struck eastern Turkey. The building...

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Mega Millions

Many Americans were gobbling up tickets for a chance to win Friday’s record-setting $640 million Mega Millions jackpot. The lucky winner stands to win a lump sum of $462 million before taxes using the cash option.However, as Fox News reports, “winning the Big One...

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Not Enough Time

USA Today consulted the advice of experts from various fields to chart how much time was needed for the daily necessities of life — if you did everything the experts said you were supposed to, for as long as they said you should. For example, the experts cited in the...

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The Sting

A family was casually driving around sightseeing on their vacation. It was a warm, clear, summer day and they were enjoying the breeze coming through the rolled down windows. Soon the peaceful drive was interrupted when a honeybee flew through the open windows and...

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“The GREYHOUND had been thrashing about in the north Atlantic storm for over a week. Its canvas sails were ripped, and the wood on one side of the ship had been torn away and splintered. The sailors had little hope of survival, but they manually worked the pumps,...

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David Sargent