Who is First?

For Bloodstained Hands

In 1893 a great “Parliament of Religions” was held in Chicago, Illinois. Members of all the various cults were gathered in attendance: there were Hindus, and Buddhists, and representatives of all sorts of exotic Eastern religions. It was designed to be a great...

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A Refuge From the Storm

Some students recall hearing the principal of Plaza Towers Elementary School telling them over the intercom to go to the cafeteria and wait for their parents. But then the tornado alarm sounded and selfless teachers of this school in Moore, Oklahoma, frantically tried...

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One of the worst snowstorms to hit Washington, D.C. in decades buffeted the city on January 13, 1982. Storm conditions delayed the departure of Air Florida Flight 90 by an hour and forty-five minutes. When the Boeing 737 took off from Washington National Airport, it...

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Water Water Everywhere

On Sunday morning, April 24, 2005, Troy Driscoll, 15, and his best friend, Josh Long, 17, both high school students from North Charleston, S.C., paddled out from Sullivans Island near their home for a day of fishing in a 15-ft. Boat..They intended to put the boat...

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Grenada or Granada

Grenada or Granada? Does the difference really matter? It does if you’re trying to reach one instead of the other!A Maryland man is suing British Airways after the airline flew him to Grenada rather than his intended destination, Granada. While the spelling difference...

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David Sargent