Gaining a Foothold

Hot and Thirsty

The other day I was traveling home with Sheri and a few of our children. We were in the country and noticed a young boy on the road and his bike was near him. He was sitting but he still looked distressed. We stopped and my oldest daughter, Jennifer, went do him and...

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A few years ago, I had to buy a new refrigerator. My wife and I went shopping to find the largest one we could afford. With children, I wanted one with a lock or voice password. My wife didn't think we needed the icemaker, but I did. So, for about $70 more I had them...

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Ira Sankrey

Some people say there are two things you should never discuss: politics and religion. Others think of the Christian walk as a very private and personal encounter. Actually, the Bible teaches us to let our light shine! In the case of Ira Sankey, praising God and...

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David Burns