Spilled Coal

The Boys on the Corner

The men were there every day, sitting on the porch or steps of the defunct pool hall. The deserted building sat on a corner where two streets met and formed a Y. There was a front porch with an old bench and a couple of chairs. There were four or five men who played...

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All Her Children

Maddie was sitting by the window in the kitchen. The light was better to see the apron she was stitching. She took a handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed at the tears on her cheek.The police officer had just left. He had come to tell her and Bob, her husband, about...

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Mears Family Store

Bernard Mears had arrived in America in his mother's arms. He was two years old in 1878. The Mears family were all hard workers and made a place for themselves in the land of opportunity.Bernie was smart and wanted to be his own boss. When Bernie was 25 he took a...

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Grandpa’s Bad Habit

Grandpa chewed tobacco as he had for many years. Guilt weighed heavily on him because he couldn't seem to give it up.Now and again he would make it a couple of days, but his will power gave out and it was back to the plug of tobacco. None of the other deacon's at his...

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The Christmas Doll

There' s nothing more magical than waking up on Christmas morning to falling snow, especially if you are six years old. Rushing to the window, I pressed my nose to the cold glass and watched while huge white flakes drifted earthward.A fairyland lay before my eyes....

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Clara Wersterfer