Until the End of Time

Off in the distance the old record player is stacked with the sounds of the very best of days gone by. One by one the lp's drop, skid into place, and the sounds of Christmas fill the room.Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme and Ella Fitzgerald take turns serenading...

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Until Spring Comes Again

There's no turning away from the truth. Life goes on.Today Spring arrived as scheduled and people are dancing with daffodils in hand.The song of the birds seems sweeter. The sun appears a little brighter. Life goes on.It is the way it should be.Still, you and I know...

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The Time We Spend

I am reminded that researching facts on the internet is sometimes like a crap shoot. What you find might appear to be what you were looking for, but is it true.It is also a fact that we often search for things that support our own bias on a subject.In other words we...

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Thanks for Reminding Me, God!

When I wake up in the morning I ached in places I never ached before.If I felt this way when I was young, I might have called in sick.Now it is where I begin and end my day.I just discovered that a friend of mine is dying from cancer. Now my aches are little to...

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Your Choice: Fact or Fear

Each day I have two choices.I can wake up in fear the same way I struggled to fall asleep the night before or I can fight the demons who hold me back, slow me down and confuse my mind with lies.Facts are undeniable truths. They cannot be bent or twisted to fit our...

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You Know the End From the Beginning

I listened to my friend Nathaniel Bronner preach this morning. Just before he began recording the portion of the service he uses for broadcast, he said a prayer. In it I heard these words: "God, You know the end from the beginning."It made me smile.Here we are just...

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You Could Have Fallen Harder

The sun has decided that it, too, is ready for Spring. I heard it tell the clouds "Get out of the way!" The wind helped and before you knew it the people who have kept themselves shut behind closed doors afraid of the cold, all came out at once.Or at least it seemed...

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Bob Perks