Until Spring Comes Again

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Trials

There’s no turning away from the truth. Life goes on.

Today Spring arrived as scheduled and people are dancing with daffodils in hand.

The song of the birds seems sweeter. The sun appears a little brighter. Life goes on.

It is the way it should be.

Still, you and I know that behind the scenes of rebirth and new beginnings there are many who cannot see, cannot feel the joy of Spring.

It’s just another day, another tilt of the earth out for another spin until tomorrow.

Take this day and make it a point to lift up the downtrodden. Help fill in the emptiness of those who feel alone. Stop and speak with someone who hasn’t a friend. Smile and be the sunshine in the shadows of the darkness of their life.

Life goes on. Everyday is like the first day of Spring.

With God’s Grace and love they will see what you see again one day.

Pray for them knowing that it is both the least and the most we can do for them…

“Until Spring Comes Again.”

Bob Perks


Until Spring Comes Again