God Knows Best


Does God Know About this?

There's a couple in Arkansas who have given their six-year-old son strict instructions to come home from playing every afternoon no later than 5 p.m. He is allowed to play with his friends, but his parents are quite serious about his curfew. If he is not home by 5...

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You Know the End From the Beginning

I listened to my friend Nathaniel Bronner preach this morning. Just before he began recording the portion of the service he uses for broadcast, he said a prayer. In it I heard these words: "God, You know the end from the beginning."It made me smile.Here we are just...

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Illegal Fish

Sometime ago my wife and I were in Australia visiting our son. One day he suggested that we launch his boat and go out onto the river and do a bit of fishing.My wife, who doesn't like being on boats, stayed back at the house. My son, two grandsons, age 10 and 6, and I...

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Faith Building

It was 1950. I had just graduated from high school. I eagerly headed out to Bible college to study God's Word. I was unaware, however, that I was about to commence my training with the development of a foundation of faith. It all started out with a five-dollar bill!My...

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My Father Knows Best

There I was sixty years of age (my husband fifty-eight) with two adopted daughters, ages 11 and 14; which we had since they were babies. I had one grown, married daughter with three children of her own and my husband had three grown daughters and one grown son with 13...

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