Someone to Guide Me

Lifelong Productivity

Spring. Trees budding. Flowers blooming. Freshly plowed fields embedded with fruit-bearing seed. Youthful vigor. The sun's warming rays. Life at its finest. Invincibility.Summer. Unbearable heat. Incipient fruit dangling from trees awaiting fall. Busyness. Too much to...

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Fruit the Hard Way

Some think it's easy, but I didn't. I'd watched my grandfather do it for too many years.Growing a garden is relaxing but also taxing. Breaking up a piece of unplowed ground with a tiller emits sweat, filthiness, and if I'm not cautious a few words better left unsaid....

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The Water Spigot

By this time tomorrow, I will have a purely ornamental water spigot. It will exit from one of the posts that grace my deck, and its primary function will be to serve as a hook for a plant.Up until last fall, this spigot served an important role in the lives of the...

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