The Hidden Miracle

Black Storm Clouds

One day Mr. Moody drove up to my house at Northfield and said: "Torrey, I want you to take a ride with me." I got into the carriage and we drove out toward Lover's Lane, talking about some great and unexpected difficulties that had arisen in regard to the work in...

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Tremendous Assist

As she sang the National Anthem in front of 19,980 fans before a Portland Trailblazer basketball game on April 25, 2003, thirteen-year-old Natalie Gilbert had the unthinkable happen – she forgot the words!* The words were supposed to have been projected on the screen...

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Bad Intentions

I led an outreach of 200 students from Christ for the Nations Institute to Mardi Gras in 1979. We focused most of our ministry on Bourbon Street, where the biggest portion of the partying occurs. I have seen few places where darkness rules so dominantly as it does at...

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The Enemy Within

As a child, growing up, I developed a fear of hospitals, doctors, and nurses. Even the pungent, cloying smells that always permeated the halls would send me into a panic.Fortunately, back in those days, people did not take their children to the doctor at the first...

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A Spirit of Fear

The word "transformed" in Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 3:18 confirms this. It is metamorphoo, from which we get the English word "metamorphosis." The concept is a process of change from one form or state to another from the inside out. The Holy Spirit within wants to...

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Your Sack of Stones

You have one. A sack. A burlap sack. Probably aren't aware of it, may not have been told about it. Could be you don't remember it. But it was given to you. A sack. An itchy, scratchy burlap sack.You needed the sack so you could carry the stones. Rocks, boulders,...

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