Irena Sendler

Anniversary Present

Every year on our anniversary, Judy and I celebrate the special occasion by having bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for dinner -- a tradition we have held for fourteen years, mainly because that is what we ate on the day we met.About three o'clock we headed to...

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The Auction

It was a nice day as I drove through South Carolina. Being hungry, I stopped at a McDonalds and ordered a breakfast meal. As I had driven almost thirty hours I decided to stay over for a few days and rest. After eating, I checked into a local motel, bathed, went to...

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The World… It Is a Changin’

The wife and I left Modesto, California headed to Brunswick, Georgia to start a new job I had taken several weeks earlier. As finances were tight, we sold what little we had accumulated, over the past five years, in order to make the three-thousand mile trip. With...

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Foster Parents

I am not really sure how I feel about Foster Parents. Most of my life was spent in a Jacksonville, Florida orphanage. I did go to a foster home for about three months, when I was about twelve years old. There were four of us (all boys) who were sent to the home of Mr....

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Brains and Brawn

It seemed strange that those of us from the orphanage were always the last to be picked when it came to any type of a game at school.Baseball, football and even dodge-ball. It didn't seem to make a difference if we were tall or short, thin or fat or fast or slow. The...

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Little Missy

It was very relaxing getting away from the house for a change. Judy and I had decided to spend five days with our grand-kids at a local campground located about 15 miles from our home in Brunswick, Georgia.The second day we were there I ran a large steel spike through...

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Cowboy Heart

P. S. We proudly present two back-to-back stories from the same amazing author, Roger Kiser. After you are done reading the first story (grab some tissues) you'll understand why we are putting it in both publications. Then, you'll see a remarkable follow-up story...

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Roger Dean Kiser