Irena Sendler

Bible Pages

It was Sunday Morning and I began to worry when my friend Wendall LeRoy Archer had not shown up at E-block. That was the cell block that I was assigned to while I was being incarcerated at the Federal Prison At Lompoc, California. The night before we both had gone to...

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The Pretty One

This was the last litter of puppies we were going to allow our Cocker Spaniel to have. It had been a very long night for me. Precious, our only black cocker, was having a very difficult time with the delivery of her puppies.I laid on the floor beside her large...

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A House With Only One Toilet

I was locked up in the juvenile hall for months after I had been released from the Florida School for Boys at Marianna (reform school). I refused to ever return to the Children's Home Society (orphanage). I was not going to return to that orphanage even if I had to...

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The Sign

"How can they do that?" Asked one of the boys at the orphanage.Five or six of us boys had capture several lighting bugs in a jar. We sat outside one Saturday evening watching them as they, one at a time, lit up their magical bodies."It's like a special nature thing."...

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There Is Always Hope

Yesterday I purchased a 'Hope Chest' for my Granddaughter, Chelsey. My wife, Judy had been on me for quiet some time to try and build one so that Chelsey would have a place to keep her special momentous. Not as young, and active as I once was I decided to purchase a...

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Roger Dean Kiser