Improved Eyesight

Prayer Works

A couple of weeks ago, I had bitten down on a piece of hard candy and chipped a tooth. It didn't hurt at the time and I thought - "oh well, dentist -- here I come." I of course got extremely busy (I really never slow down) and kind of forgot about it. Until last...

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Car Flip

I have a praise report to share. I was on my way to work on Friday Morning early, I was in bumper to bumper traffic, only able to go about 2 -3 miles per hours, just inching really. All of a sudden a car came from a stop sign to my left very abruptly, guess he thought...

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Dad’s Tumor of the Throat

HTML clipboard Here is my own personal experience with cancer and God's mighty ways!Four years ago this month, I received a phone call from my Aunt in Oklahoma. She is one of my very favorite aunts, yet I was very surprised to hear from her just out of the blue (I...

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Daddy, Stop the Van!

I wanted to write and let you guys know how God has answered the prayers of my four year old daughter... I am so grateful to the Lord, for allowing her to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that God hears her prayers as small as she is.We have a grown cat that has had...

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Boiling Water Burns

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:Let me share a miracle with you! Yesterday I called my husband asked if he could put dinner on the stove, as I was going to be a little late getting home from work. I told him how to go about getting dinner started (he's not a cook-...

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The Day God Protected My Husband

We were moving our trailer, an old trailer out of the direct sun into the shade of an old oak tree... My husband had a good friend helping him, and a neighbor offered to move the trailer with his tractor... We were just moving it from one side of the acre, to the...

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Penny Armstrong