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by | May 27, 2001 | Miracles, Prayer

A couple of weeks ago, I had bitten down on a piece of hard candy and chipped a tooth. It didn’t hurt at the time and I thought – “oh well, dentist — here I come.” I of course got extremely busy (I really never slow down) and kind of forgot about it. Until last Saturday morning at 3:00 am – anyway. Whoa! Did it hurt! I was up walking the floors – looking for any kind of pain relief I could find in the house. I must have taken 4 aspirin and 4 motrin before it even occurred to me to pray. All I can say about that is my head was just too cloudy with pain to think straight. I prayed for myself and laid right down and went back to bed.

Unfortunately, I had taken too much aspirin and motrin and became quite ill which started the tooth back up again. My 10 year old daughter got up and started observing the mess I had gotten myself in. She sat and watched me moan and groan for a few hours and then get sick every few minutes. Pretty soon I laid down on the couch and drifted off into a pretty good sleep. I could still feel the pain in my sleep though. All of a sudden – I awoke with a start – with a smile on my face – no pain, no sickness, nothing – just feeling wonderful. I looked at my daughter and asked – “Did you just pray for me? She said “Yes, Mom.”

Praise God! The faith of a child! The pain has not come back yet!

2nd Praise Report. All week I’ve been having the feeling that a car accident would happen either to me or someone I love. You know how the Holy Spirit does this sometimes? Warns you in advance? I started praying every morning specifically for protection for my family and myself – along with my regular morning conversation with the Lord.

I was on my way to work this morning and was praying as usual for the day and for guidance. The sun was in such a place as to be absolutely blinding – but I did see the light ahead turn yellow. I stopped very gently and waited. The car to my left completely ran the light with tires screeching. That’s how blinding the sun was this morning. Pretty soon I heard more loud screeching and KNEW it was behind me. I looked into my rear view mirror and saw the red car coming straight at me at a very high speed. I was at a dead stop with no where to go! I prayed again. I saw the car through my rear view mirror just narrowly miss me and go right into the far right hand turn lane and turn sideways! Praise God! He’s always looking after us!

He is so good and all he wants is to lead us and love us! I praise his holy name!

Penny (Received on October 14, 2004)


Prayer Works