Improved Eyesight

by | May 9, 2015 | Experiencing God, Healing

Since I was 12 years old my eyesight has been bothering me all the time. When I’d go to the eye doctor they would tell me how terrible my eyesight was and my glasses prescription would just get stronger and stronger. Also, a small tumor was found on my eyeball several years ago and the doctors have been watching it closely for growth – the tumor never grew but was still a concern as it seemed to be putting pressure on my optic nerve.

About 6 months ago, I started praying for my eyes – every day. All of a sudden for the past week or so, my eyesight seemed to have gotten so much worse so yesterday, I went to the doctor. Guess what? Praise God! My eyesight ONLY SEEMED TO GET WORSE over the last week because my eyesight has improved by 75% and my current glasses are too strong for me!!!!! PRAISE THE HOLY LORD ON HIGH!

Not only that but also the tumor has shrunk considerably to the point that it is not considered a threat any longer!!!! I’m getting brandnew glasses and the prescription is considerably less strong than ever before in my life! I’m going to keep trusting the Lord for complete restoration of my eyesight. Praise his name – this is a true miracle – the doctor said she had no explanation for it whatsoever – so I told her that I do.

Penny Armstrong


Improved Eyesight