He Shines

It Is About Giving

It was a cold cloudy day - Christmas was near. I had a three period break in my schedule that day, so I walked away from my high school and followed the worn path through the trees, across a stream and onto the street that connected to the main drag, where Cole's drug...

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I See the Color

New Years Day, 1969, the year man landed on the moon. I turned on the television, waited for it to warm, and saw nothing interesting for a ten-year-old.Channel three disappointed me, so I turned to my only other option - channel five. There was a parade. My mom...

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Carry Me Home

He woke. It was dark, but the light of a half moon shined through the window. It provided enough for him to distinguish the strange bed he lay in and the equally strange furniture. On an old dresser, he saw his cap; on a chair, his clothes haphazardly draped.He sat up...

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On the Other Side

Bob joined us just before Christmas of 2010. He was a stray cat living outside the office where Ginny worked. She and her co-workers kept him and the other strays fed. The weather grew cold. Ginny lost her job. "I'm not leaving him!" She said to me. Bob came home for...

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Why Does Death Bring Us Together?

The gloomy room filled with family members dressed in their best clothes. The men wore their suits. The women wore their finest. No one smiled. It was a solemn day.I shook hands with a great uncle. "Good to see you again, Ivan. I'm sorry it's under these...

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Things Could Always Be Worse…

Another day was over. I sat in my car, turned the key and pulled out of the parking lot. It was Thursday. I had only one more day until the weekend. Two days alone with my wife.I turned left onto the highway. Approaching from the west was an ominous black storm front....

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Enjoy the Scenery

I replied to an email from a reader. "Hi, Debra ..."She returned my email, "Hi Mike! Common error, but my name is Dedra, not Debra."I read that and saw a common mistake: I read what I thought I saw. If Dedra hadn't told me, I would never have noticed that it was a "D"...

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Michael T Smith