Be Like Job

Just yesterday I was in the local post office and observed a poster that warned of unusual mail. On the poster was a picture of a mailer with an oily spot. This morning at work I received a rather strange mailer package on my desk.Sitting at my desk in my safe work...

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Oh When the Saints Go Marching In

In the fall of 1914, James Thomas Blackwood traveled to Florence, Alabama to visit his brother. While staying there, he wanted to hear his brother preach. His brother had followed in the footsteps of their father who was a Methodist minister. Their father, James...

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The Bubblegum Man

Oh, how I loved that Bubblegum Man. I had the great privilege to grow up in a small country church. It was a charismatic church and though I don't attend that denomination anymore, I have a great respect for that church.It was a church where there were no quarrels....

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LaRose Karr