Christmas on Francis Street

Christmas of 1965 my Dad was not home. He was a world away in the jungles of Vietnam. I was seven. Mom was pregnant with my little brother Kevin. He would be born in March. My sister Melony was about nine years old. I lay in my bed on a December night a few weeks...

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Howling Storm

David Kline is an Amish farmer and gifted writer. In the sixties he was drafted and forced to move to Cleveland to work in a hospital since he was a conscientious objector. Born and raised in the quiet countryside of Holmes County, Ohio, the largest Amish settlement...

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My Heart’s Silent Song

Every morning of my first 18 years of life I woke up to music—Christian music. Every morning. My mother, Jane Pierpont, awakened the house with a joyful song every single day. When I was about 12 I started delivering newspapers for the Dayton Journal-Herald at about 5...

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The Story of Mel Trotter

Mel Trotter was an alcoholic. At one point his child was ill. Looking for money for a drink he took the boots of the child’s feet and sold them for money for a drink. When he returned home he discovered that his child had died. He staggered out into the night, unable...

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Where Was God When Life Was Dark?

I love this little story by Clovis Chappell that I heard second-hand from Haddon Robinson. Here is how I remember it:Once a man married a woman from Kentucky. They were young and very deeply in love. Early in their marriage because of illness she lost her mind....

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I Forget

Hope lost a tooth last week. When she went to bed that night she gently reminded us that the tooth would be under her pillow in case we wanted to leave her money for it. That night when Lois and I laid our heads on our pillows we both plunged immediately and deeply...

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Ken Pierpont