The Search for Mission


The first close friendship I ever had began when I was fifteen years old. Chuck and I went through high school and college together, we double-dated together (and got rejected together); we were confidants and counselors and chums through every important event of...

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The Pepto-Bismal Sofa

Some years ago we traded in my old Volkswagen Super Beetle for our first piece of new furniture: a mauve sofa. It was roughly the shade of Pepto-Bismol, but because it represented to us a substantial investment, we thought "mauve" sounded better.The man at the...

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Can I Help You Find God?

Some time ago I was visiting my parents and went to get a haircut at a shop they recommended. I started praying this prayer and ended up having a long conversation about God and faith with Ted, the barber. Ted owned the shop along with his wife Joanne, who normally...

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God Knocking at My Door

I knew something of the upside and downside of glory. I grew up a Chicago Cubs fan in the late 1960s. Their entire infield made the all-star team one year. Randy Hundley, the catcher, was a personal favorite.One day the phone rang. A neighbor, a girl in my class at...

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I Love You This Much

We used to have a bedtime ritual when my children were small. "I don't love you this much," I'd say, holding my hands a few inches apart, "and I don't love you this much [hands a foot apart now], or this much, or this much" (the gap growing wider until it was as far...

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Leave Home Forever

Our first two children were girls. When they were very young, they were quite sure they wanted to live in our home forever. Leaving sounded awful. They would sometimes ask, "When I grow up, can I still live here with you and Mommy?" It was no use trying to tell them...

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John Ortberg