Ibu Ero


My wife and I were Southern Baptist missionaries to Indonesia. We were assigned to the Bandung station where we were to study the Indonesia language for about a year. Only a few months into the study the Lord asked me to witness to the gardener. I tried to excuse...

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One day, I was in a men's clothing outlet store. It was actually a factory where they made sport coats and suits. The only dressing room was also the men's room, so there was not a great deal of privacy when trying on the garments. A young fellow was there, who was...

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Time Not Wasted

I was home on furlough from Guyana, South America. It was my privilege to be invited back to speak to a church of which I was pastor eleven years earlier. We brought a missionary message and explained that we would use volunteer construction teams to build a new...

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The Town Drunk

While I was a student at Southern Baptist Seminary, I was invited to preach a trial sermon in view of a call to a mission in Moscow, Ohio. The sermon was to be preached at the sponsoring church in Felicity, Ohio. The pastor was Walter Routh; who later went to Vietnam...

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Watch Out for Charlie

Not many pastors can claim to have been a pastor in Moscow, but during my seminary days that is where God opened a door of ministry for me on weekends. Moscow, OHIO that is. My wife and I would travel up from Louisville Saturday and return Sunday night.Early on we...

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H. Warren Rice