Sure and True Blessing

A Sure and True Blessing

How do you measure the goodness of God? Is it only in perfect answers to our prayers? Is it only when we are so focused on perfection that nothing less will do? Or is it in finding something worth holding on to when the whole world seems to be falling in a deep...

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Silver What?

I just had my 25th wedding anniversary.  What an accomplishment. I've only contemplated divorce about 1 million times over the last 25 years, so you can imagine my surprise over reaching this milestone.I have been complaining about this man for about 9,125...

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I See Glory

She was a frail woman. Hair totally white and coarse. Her skin was so ebony that it appeared a deep hue of blue. Her tiny frame was already curled up in the fetal position. Her breathing was fairly normal and her pulse was regular... slow, but, steady. She looked like...

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A Real Christmas Angel

My baby was 3 months old. I've been accused on more occasions than one of being an overprotective mother. (It's probably true.) My 10 year old was in the play held at the Rescue Mission. It's a big annual event for all the under privileged children in the county.We...

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A Tribute to a Friend

This week one of the nicest people I ever met died. He was not what you would call a "close" friend. He was a patient at the doctor's office where I work part-time. I am immensely grieved that I never took the time to tell him how much I appreciated him.When I...

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Sue Henley