Cast Out Fear

A Prayer to Salvation

Reba Robinson lay awake night after night, tense and tired in her little room in Starkville, Mississippi.' Her imagination raced out of control as her fingers clung to an old T-shirt that had once belonged to her son and still carried the scent of his cologne. He was...

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Adjusting to Single Life

After my father's passing, my mother struggled pitifully with loneliness. There was little anyone could do for it. Her rambling mountain house seemed desolate, haunted with memories of a vanished hand and a silenced voice. But she was a sturdy woman with an unusual...

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Black Easter

When the Communists overran China following the end of World War II, a thousand missionaries with China Inland Mission (CIM) were trapped behind the Bamboo Curtain. CIM ordered a total evacuation in January 1951, but was it too late? Communists were not averse to...

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Holy Ground

Nicholas Herman (pronounced är-män') was born in Lorraine, France, in 1605. He reached his teen years at the onset of the Thirty Years' War, during which he fought for the French army, was seriously wounded, and walked with great difficulty for the rest of his life....

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In His Own Way

Admittedly the Lord doesn't always deliver us from our problems in the way we want Him to. He does it His way, but in the long run His way is always best, and it always leads to worship. We hear Him speak in Psalm 50:15: "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will...

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Keeping Our Eyes on Christ

Several years ago, I was walking down a sidewalk in East Nashville, making a pastoral visit. Suddenly I saw a German shepherd flying across a lawn, barking, snarling, teeth bared, mouth frothing. I was so startled that as it lunged at me, I screamed and jumped...

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Leave Room for God

One night when I was worried sick about something, I found four words sitting quietly on page 1291 of my Bible. I'd read them countless times before, but as I stared at them this time, they fairly flew at me like stones from a slingshot. The four words, now well...

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Robert J. Morgan