While the Sun Is Still in the Sky

"Hi Nitin, Ain't you going out to play!".I turned back to find a smiling Mukesh, firmly rooted to his chair, trying to strike a conversation with me in his unique and amiable style.It was recess time, we had just finished with our lunch and there was no one in the...

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For the Sake of Friendship

Shiv Narain Mankad had not much in common with me.We were not in the same college. We were neither neighbours nor lived in the same locality. Yes, We lived in the same town & it was a brief stay together in a NCC camp that had brought us closer. We ended up being...

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His Plans and My Efforts

Often, thing do not work as per the plan and we are left wondering, what went wrong. Quite often, we do not get to know the reason and most often we end up attributing such happening to bad luck , fate or wrong timing. I have observed that many of us carry the...

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Nitin Kulkarni