Murder, but Not Divorce

Pressures are exerted all through life to make us want to lie down and quit. The most spiritual person in the world is tempted to get discouraged. I remember seeing a television interview with Billy Graham and his delightfully honest wife, Ruth. The host, David Frost,...

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Dedicated to the Cause

She started in middle school and continued through high school-even when she couldn't breathe.My daughter loved all sports but was only involved in two-cross country and track. As soon as school was over, the team assembled for stretches before beginning their daily...

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All Part of My Job

Recently, a business associate and I went to call on a retail customer, and we experienced one of the real challenges in visiting a very large regional shopping centre that is over 2kms long, with in excess of 300 shops spread over three shopping levels. How do find a...

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Dedicating an Unborn Child

Mother lay in bed, twisting the sheet in her thin, frail hands.It was the beginning of the Great Depression and things couldn’t have been worse. Daddy had been laid off from his job at the railroad, they were struggling to make their mortgage payments, and with four...

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