Symbols of Power

Boxing Day

Yesterday, Christmas was celebrated around the world. But today, in Great Britain, there’s another important holiday - “Boxing Day.”In the Middle Ages, the lords and ladies of England presented Christmas gifts in boxes to the servants, the day after Christmas, and...

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I Know You Won’t Let Me Down

Nancy Androtti teaches ninth grade social studies at a high school in Brooklyn. It is not paradise. Teachers and students have been mugged and even raped in that building. Armed guards are on duty and the faculty turnover is high.But Nancy, a twenty-eight-year-old,...

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Out of the Rut

"What do I tell a friend who is about to lose his job because he is resistant to change?" - Thomas G.Following a seminar on love-based leadership, a gentleman in his 50s took me aside and said, "I like what you are telling me, but I'm too old to try a new management...

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People Business

"Help! I work on an automobile assembly line, and feel very little personal satisfaction." - Helen F.People who produce goods rather than provide services - often ask themselves, "How can I find fulfillment in my work?"The answer to finding satisfaction is rarely...

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Take a Plus Action

The next time you are faced with a “minus” situation, take a “plus” action. Here’s how John Wilson did it when he was dean of students at a college in the Midwest.John was awakened in the middle of the night by a knock on the door of his apartment, which was just off...

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"I'm about to have a contest between our workers to spur productivity. Any ideas?" - Harvey G.Let the following story be a warning."We're about to have some exciting competition," said the manager of a steel plant in Ohio. "We have three eight-hour shifts and I'm...

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It doesn't pay to keep records of "wrongs" or to hold grudges.The pastor of an evangelical church near Orlando, Florida, had been leading the same flock for more than twelve years. Things were running smoothly except for the fact that one member, an influential...

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Neil Eskelin